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Welcome to Pagan Apologetics! The goal of this site is to defend our religions and show the weaknesses in other ones. This might sound intolerant but, let's face it, there are reasons why I chose my religion over other ones. I am personally a Hellenic Pagan, however I have experienced and researched a variety of religions. This site is designed for all people who follow a Pagan religion. The different Pagan religions covered on this site are listed on the About Our Religions page.

You are currently on the Intro page. If you are new to this site, you should read the FAQ first. To learn about our different religions go to the About Our Religions page. To read my essays, go to the Essays section. If you want to see a list of my favourite sites, you should go to the Links page. If you are a stalker and have a morbid curiosity about who exactly I am, you can go to the About Me page.

The Gods Live!

What's New

  • 06.01.01 I'm back! I have been working on some stuff including a shorter version of "The Case For Faith" rebuttal. I am planning to have three such rebuttals: one page-by-page, one giving arguments from all three sides (Atheist, Christian, and Pagan), and one just explaining Pagan views on the eight "objections to Christianity." On the second rebuttal, I am working on the second objection ("Miracles").

    I also added a question to the FAQ - "Are you racist/racialist?" This was necessary due to the bastardization of some of our religions and the blasphemy of some of our holy symbols by people who are more or less racists. The most common example is the Celtic Cross (the equal-armed cross inside a circle) which has been stolen by both "white pride" groups and facists. I stand in total opposition to these groups and all those who think that Mankind is divided by race and not class alone. Nationalism = Racialism = Racism, there is no necessary distinction in my mind.

  • 05.25.01 I updated my About Me page.
  • 05.24.01 I started a detailed summary and commentary on "The Case For Faith" by Lee Strobel (the author of "The Case For Christ"). I am through the introduction which 18/262 (7%) of the way through the book.
  • 05.23.01 Real busy. I didn't get a chance to work on anything. I decided to split my new essay up in to several articles.
  • 05.22.01 Started a new essay - "Polytheism as an Alternative to Atheism." It's going to be an examination of the logical and moral problems associated with Monotheism and then present Polytheism as a logical alternative.
  • 05.21.01 Added the "Atheism," "Paganism," and "Wicca" link categories.
  • 05.20.01 Added "What's New"
  • 05.19.01 Added more links, started categorizing.

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