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These are some essays that I have written. Parodies are basically the original article with some terms changed. It is odd how the same arguments can be used against the original authors simply by changing a few words. I'm sorry that many of these are still under construction but I get distracted so easily and just start working on another article.

These articles are written from many different religious perspectives. This is done mainly as a literary exercise. During the period in which I wrote these articles, I was Wiccan and a Hellenic Pagan. Any other views are purely hypothetical.

All things on this site are released into the Public Domain unless otherwise specfied.

Finished Articles

Title Description Perspective Date
"Buddhism" by Pat Zukeran REBUTTAL Defending Buddhism from illogical attacks. The orignial article may be found at Buddhist May 15, 2001
Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood: A Christian Church A parody of "Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood: A Muslim Mosque" found in the March/April 2001 edition of "Battle Cry", available at Anti-Christian 2001
Can You Prove the Existence of Gods? A polytheistical response to Jeffery Jay Lowder's "Is a Proof of the Non-Existence of a God Even Possible?", available at Pagan 2001
'The Dark Side of Halloween' Rebuttal What are the real origins of Halloween? This article is a Wiccan commentary on a Fundamentalist anti-Halloween piece. (Unfortunately, I did not note where the original came from, I hope I will re-locate it.) Wiccan 2000
Scientific Errors In The Bible A parody of "Scientific Errors In The Qur'an" by Robert A. Morey, available at Anti-Christian 2001
The Ten Commandments - A Pagan Perspective A rewrite of the Jewish Ten Commandments to make them applicable to the Wiccan. Of course, we already have a code of conduct which is far superior... Wiccan December 31, 2000
Why I am a Pagan A polytheistical reply to Bertrand Russel's famous "Why I am not a Christian". His arguments work against Christianity, but not against Paganism. Pagan April 1, 2001

Unfinished Articles

Title Description Perspective
"The Case For Faith" Summary and Rebuttal A page-by-page look at Lee Strobel's sequel to "The Case For Christ." Pagan
"The Case For Faith" Review A four-fold look at the questions raised by Strobel in his Christian apologetics book. Gives an example of an Atheist giving the objection, a summary of Strobel's response, problems raised by Strobel's response, and a Pagan view of the objection. Pagan
"The Case For Faith" Mini-Review A short article which gives Pagan responses to Strobel's "eight objections to Christianity" in his "The Case For Faith." These arguments might be effective against Christianity, but I don't think they hold up under a Polytheistical system. Pagan
Common Logical Fallacies Made by Christians A parody of "Common Logical Fallacies Made By Muslims" by Robert A. Morey, available at Muslim
God Hates Breeders - FAQ A parody of Westboro Baptist Church's infamous Christian Parody
'Off Witchcraft!' Rebuttal A response to a piece by Ray C. Stedman from 1970. Wiccan
Polytheism as an Alternative to Atheism Monotheism has issues both logically and morally. You can't study the supernatural scientifically so, for all intents and purposes, it doesn't exist. Many people come across these arguments, rightfully reject Monotheism and become Atheists. However, some of us became Polytheists. Here's why. Polytheistic
Re-evaluating Christianity Taking a heretical look at the Bible and at Christianity. What does the Bible really say? What does it mean? Why is this so different from what traditional Christianity teaches? Christian
A Refutation of DemonBuster's 'Did God Create Homosexuals and Lesbians?' Of course, we don't really care what a little tribal religion says about homosexuality. But let's look into the Bible and see what it says. The original article may be found at Christian
The Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth What did Jesus really say? How can we, as non-Christians, re-interpret what he taught? How do Gnostics interpret Jesus's teachings? Pagan, Gnostic

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All material written by me is in the Public Domain. However, there are other authors who have had their material used on this site. Please check the redistribution notices before copying this material. This site was written by Tyler Roberson. My email address is